50 Ways to Save The Ocean is a new book by David Helvarg. Even if you think you know what those 50 ways are going to be, you’ll be surprised which ones you didn’t think of. In fact, why not make your own local 50 ways? Exchange the names of grocery stores, rubbish companies, dry cleaners and other stores that have good attitudes about helping the environment.  We’re going to be featuring other ideas from David’s book and you should check out the Blue Frontiers website.


Here are some of David’s Helvargs ways to use less plastic:

  1. Make sure any plastic you take on a boat or to the beach goes home with you. When you go to the beach pick up the trash you see. Others will follow your lead and thank you for taking care of their front yard.
  2. Take a cloth bag to the grocery store. Buy food from bulk bins. If you can carry it or put it in another bag you already have, don’t get a new bag when you buy something.
  3. Use newspaper or real popcorn as your packing material, instead of plastic peanuts and bubble wrap.  Recycle the plastic packaging that you receive by taking it to a packaging store that accepts it for reuse.
  4. Avoid buying throwaway products, like plastic water bottles.  Recycle what plastic you do purchase. Check out Patagonia’s Common Threads Recycling program. Check with your local rubbish company or dump to make sure they really do recycle what you so carefully separate.
  5. Look for new biodegradable “green plastics” made of agricultural materials such as cornstarch.
  6. As you reduce your dependence on plastic, tell your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.